# Adelie Developers Group: Introduction <div style="width: 400px; margin: auto; box-shadow: 0 0 2px 2px gray; background: darkred; color: white; padding: 2rem; border-radius: 3px; text-align: center;"> :rotating_light: :rotating_light: :rotating_light: This document is a Work-In-Progress. Please check back often for updates. </div> ## Welcome! ## TL;DR ok listen up basically, code is magic and this is hogwarts cept im not as smart as dumbledore and it's way harder than just `swish n flick` ron was a terrible wizard rest in peace alan Rickman but anyway, we're cool u join ok ## Okay, but seriously: who are you, and what is this? The Adelie Developer Group is a place to learn how to code and design for the web. Most directly, this means creating websites and web apps. You'll be exposed to web-development related... - ...languages (like HTML/CSS/Javascript/PHP/Ruby/more) - ...frameworks (Laravel, React, Bootstrap) - ...asset libraries (Adobe Typekit, Unsplash, Font-Awesome) - ...tools (text editors, terminals, frameworks, package managers, build tools, and so much more) - ...methodologies (Agile, Kanban) - *ad infinitum* It seems like a lot. It _is_ a lot. But nobody expects you to bench 500lbs on your first day at the gym - have fun, be confident and move at your own pace! :sunglasses: This is an interdisciplinary group that is beginner-oriented. Writers, graphic designers, mechanics, chocolatiers - all are welcome. **Just as importantly, here's what we're not.** - We are NOT a class. Kevin (and later, other web developers) will assist and help and "teach" in an informal sense, but there are no regular lectures at this time. - We're not a platform, nor an app. You can't "login" to the Adelie Developers Group. We're a community, a group of people with a common goal. - We will not review site-building software, like SquareSpace or Dreamweaver's WYSIWYG mode. ## Goals: To help people learn in a way that's fun for them so they can build crazy awesome stuff. There's so much you can create: - any kind of website - web applications - web based games and art - Chrome extensions - command line applications ## Mood: - chill ## Beliefs: - Have fun. - Fail fast. Fail forward. Iterate. ## Structure For now, the structure is as follows: - First and foremost, we will chat on **Slack**, a team-chat app. - We will use CodePen.io, `teleconsole` and other collaborative tools to help each other code. - There will be occasional livestreams so people can follow along on coding projects! - Once a month, we will use Slack or Discord for a 1 hour focused discussion with Q&A and voluntary presentations on what you've learned - We will use a community-edited curriculum to structure our progress ## Prerequisites / Requirements ### General Prerequisites - Download Slack's mobile app. - Enable notifications on your phone so that you can respond to tags and channel announcements. ### Conduct - Any harassment or discrimination or bad vibes in general will result in removal from the group. - It's understood that we don't live in a bubble, but please: try to refrain from political discussions. ### Required Hardware: - A computer - macOS / OSX is the most popular and most supported OS for web development. - Windows / Linux Ubuntu / Mint - Internet Connection ### Required Software: You're free to use comparable software not on this list, but you'll be on your own. Everything below is free. - Google Chrome, Firefox - iTerm2 (v3) - Essential packages - `brew` for OSX software management - `git` for version control - `node` for Node environment - `npm` or `yarn` for general package management - `teleconsole` for peer-debugging (careful!) - Advanced packages - `ngrok` for sharing live previews of pages - `gulp` or `webpack` for build tools and stuff - Text Editor - Atom / Sublime / VS Code Only - Trello for project management and coordination ## Team Tools & Required Accounts Please make an account on each of these platforms. - [Gmail](http://gmail.com) - [CodePen.io](http://codepen.io) - [Github](http://github.com) - [Slack](http://slack.com) (Request invite!) If you're a project member, please also create accounts for: - [Discord](https://discordapp.com/), a Skype-replacement - [Trello](https://trello.com), a project management tool. ## Soft skills - Advanced Googling - Forum searches - Reddit / StackOverflow - Documentation searches - Navigating Documentation & Diverse Materials ## Curriculum ### Starter Kit Before we code, some stuff to get you settled in the group: - Navigating HackMD - Slack - Trello - Github ### Basic Essentials (For Visual People) - HTML - *What you see* - What's an HTML tag? - What's the difference between inline elements and block elements? - CSS - *How it looks* - How do you make an HTML page "see" a CSS file? - ### Basic Essentials (For Technical People) - How Actually Browsers Work - Servers & Browsers **Once you do one of the Basic Essentials, do the other one.** ### Advanced Essentials - Javascript - *How It Behaves* - How HTTP Works - Terminal - *Your HQ* - Git - *For backing up your code* - CSS Preprocessors - SCSS - TypeScript ### Tooling Power-Ups! - Zsh & Tricks- *A better bash* - iTerm2 & Tricks- *A better terminal* ### Easy to learn, amazing to know - `bash` aliases & dotfiles - `Emmet` for rapid markup development - Snippets ### Tough to learn, amazing to know - Vim Keybindings ### Front-End Essentials - Your first front-end framework - Bootstrap / Foundation - Paradigms - MVC - MVW / MVVM / - Your first full-stack framework - Laravel / Rails ### Back-End Essentials (TBD)